Igor Zakhlebin

Ph.D. Student

Northwestern University


I am a Ph.D. student in Technology and Social Behavior, a joint program in Computer Science and Communications. Under supervision of Ágnes Horvát, I study how crowds of people come together to produce cultural works and how they collectively pay attention to them. To answer these questions, I perform large-scale data analyses and build computational tools to support them. My methods of choice are network analysis, machine learning, and computational modeling.

In my network: CCN lab (NU, upcoming), SONIC lab (NU), CDSC (NU + UWash), and ANR lab (Higher School of Economics).


Mar ’18: Traveled to Boston to present a poster at CompleNet. 🆕

Mar ’18: Poster accepted to IC2S2, see everyone in Evanston!

Jan ’18: Reviewing for IC2S2 and SocInfo this year.

Dec’ 17: Traveled to beautiful Lyon to present our paper about citation networks and success. 🇫🇷


Hot off the press

I Zakhlebin and E-Á Horvát, Network signatures of success: Emulating expert and crowd assessment in science, art, and technology, Complex Networks, Lyon, France, 2017. pdf

I Zakhlebin, Junet: a Julia library for network research, ICWSM, Montreal, Canada, 2017. pdf

More works


CompleNet’18: Boston, MA

Complex Networks’17: Lyon, France

JuliaCon’17: Berkeley, CA

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