Igor Zakhlebin

Ph.D. Student

Northwestern University


I am a Ph.D. student in Technology and Social Behavior, a joint program in Computer Science and Communications. Under supervision of Ágnes Horvát, I study how social signals collected from crowds of people can be used for evaluation of cultural works. To answer this question, I perform large-scale data analyses and build computational tools to support them. My methods of choice are network analysis, machine learning, Bayesian modeling, and natural language processing.


June ’19 : Our poster about dissemination of research articles comes to ICWSM!

May ’19 : My paper about investor retention in equity crowdfunding will appear at WebSci.

Mar ’19 : Giving a talk at NICO about dissemination of scientific articles on the online media. Upcoming talk at ICA in May!

Jul ’18 : Presented a poster at IC2S2 about temporality of citations in science, art, and technology.

Jun ’18 : Together with Yian Yin and Kyosuke Tanaka, won a mini-grant from SICSS to research package ecosystems. 🎉


New papers

Investor Retention in Equity Crowdfunding
Zakhlebin I., & Horvát E-Á. • WebSci 2019
pdf (upcoming)

Network signatures of success: Emulating expert and crowd assessment in science, art, and technology
Zakhlebin I., & Horvát E-Á. • Complex Networks 2017
pdf data cite

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Junet: a Julia package for network research
Zakhlebin I. • ICWSM 2017
pdf code video cite

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More papers


IC2S2’18 • Evanston, IL

CompleNet’18 • Boston, MA

Complex Networks’17 • Lyon, France

JuliaCon’17 • Berkeley, CA

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